The momentum of “specialization, special innovation” is surging, and our city has added a group of provincial "invisible champions” and cultivated enterprises.

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Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau that according to the list of “invisible champions” and cultivating enterprises in Zhejiang Province in 2019 announced by the Provincial Department of Economic and Information Technology, our city has added 3 provincial “invisible champion” enterprises and 23 provincial “invisible champion” cultivating enterprises, marking the city's promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises. The development of “specialized, special and new” has borne fruit again.

 See the highlights:

 The “invisible champion” behind Tesla

Tesla, the originator of new energy vehicles, net celebrity hair dryer Dyson, Panasonic smart toilet seat, Siemens washing machine... These high-end products that consumers are familiar with, although the “birthplace” is not in Jiaxing, they all “hide” the “intellectual power” of Zhejiang Rongtai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., a Jiaxing enterprise.

Rongtai Electric, located in Fengqiao Town, Nanhu District, has been focusing on R&D, production and sales of high-temperature insulation materials based on mica since its inception in 2003. It has now become one of the global market leaders in mica products and has recently been promoted to a provincial “invisible champion” enterprise.

 “Our products are mainly used to ensure the safety of electricity consumption, and they have a wide range of applications."Cao Meisheng, chairman of Rongtai Electric, told reporters that high-temperature insulation materials based on mica are almost “hidden” in every household. “Traditional applications are represented by white goods, such as refrigerators, hair dryers, microwave ovens, etc., Panasonic, TOTO, Sanyo, Midea and other well-known companies are all our customers.”

According to reports, with superior properties such as high temperature resistance, fire resistance, and insulation, Rongtai Electric's products are also used in many fields such as subways, high-speed rail, elevators, and ships.For example, the fire-resistant cables and fire-resistant wires of the company's products can ensure the normal operation of the elevators in the building for two hours in extreme environments of 1000 degrees Celsius and 1000 volts, which are very popular in overseas markets.

Only innovation can seize the opportunity, and Rongtai Electrician has written a wonderful footnote.Since 2013, when new energy vehicles were just starting out on a global scale, Rongtai Electric has been committed to the research and development and production of new insulation materials for new energy vehicles, and has been successfully used in large quantities in Tesla's major models. It has become the only supplier of new mica materials related to Tesla in the world.

“Every Tesla you see on the road uses our products!"Cao Meisheng told reporters that spontaneous combustion caused by uncontrolled battery heat is a major pain point facing the new energy vehicle industry, and the products developed by Rongtai Electric are equivalent to “putting on” a protective layer for the battery modules of new energy vehicles. “Although this product cannot prevent the battery from losing control of heat, it can effectively slow down the speed of spontaneous combustion and provide valuable escape time for the people in the car.”

Opportunities always favor prepared companies.In recent years, with the rapid development of the global new energy vehicle industry, well-known automobile brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and General Motors have followed suit, and have established long-term cooperative relations with Rongtai Electric.At present, Rongtai Electric occupies more than 90% of the relevant market share in the new energy vehicle industry.

In Cao Meisheng's view, the reason why Rongtai Electric has been able to gain the favor of high-end customers and continue to burst into development momentum is due to the fact that the company has always aimed at the high-end market and always puts R&D and innovation first. “The industry we are in is a small industry, and innovation leads us to always be ahead.”

As a national high-tech enterprise, Rongtai Electric has 26 invention patents, 43 utility model patents, and 2 appearance patents.In addition, the company has presided over the completion of 6 national standards and industry standards, and participated in the completion of 11 national standards and industry standards.

Data show that in the past 2019, Rongtai Electric achieved an output value of nearly 240 million yuan, an increase of nearly 40% year-on-year.

Looking to the future, Cao Meisheng is full of confidence.She said that the global new energy vehicle industry is entering a new stage of accelerated development, and Rongtai Electric will also stand on the cusp of explosive growth. “For us, the product demand for a new energy vehicle is hundreds of times the demand for a white goods, which undoubtedly opens up a new space for us to develop!”

Look at the city:

 "Specialized, special and new" kinetic energy surges

 The development of ”specialization, specialization, and innovation", that is, specialization, boutique, specialization, and innovative development, is the only way for the transformation and upgrading of small and medium-sized enterprises.

The “Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province on the Implementation of the ”Operation Young Eagle“ to Cultivate Invisible Champion Enterprises” issued in April 2019 pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to the enterprise as the main body, market-oriented, innovation as the driving force, and quality as the fundamental, establish and improve the gradient cultivation mechanism of small, medium and micro enterprises, create a good ecology of entrepreneurship and innovation, guide enterprises to take the road of "specialized, special and new" development, cultivate invisible champion enterprises in subdivided industries, and promote the high-quality development of small, medium and micro enterprises.

The reporter learned that in addition to Rongtai Electric, Zhejiang Haiyan Liyuan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Yaoyang New Material Technology Co., Ltd. were also rated as provincial “invisible champion” enterprises in 2019 by virtue of their strong hard power.

In addition, a total of 23 companies in the city were included in the list of “Invisible Champions” cultivated enterprises in Zhejiang Province in 2019, including Jiaxing Star Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Pulite New Materials Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Yifeng Machinery Co., Ltd. and so on.

Up to now, the city has 7 provincial-level “invisible champion” enterprises and 72 provincial-level “invisible champion” cultivation enterprises.It is worth noting that in the list of the first batch of new “little giants” companies announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in June 2019, two companies in our city are on the list, Hengfeng Tools Co., Ltd. and Haiyan Yuxing Nut Co., Ltd.

To cultivate “invisible champions”, the awesome policy is the guarantee.The “Opinions on Promoting the High-quality Development of Industry and an Open Economy” previously issued by our city made it clear that the “Gazelle Enterprise” cultivation plan-strive to achieve an annual increase of more than 35% in the main business income of the "Gazelle Enterprise" included in the cultivation library by 2021, and an annual increase of more than 30% in profits and taxes; realize 50 enterprises with main business income of more than 500 million yuan, 80 enterprises with more than 100 million yuan, and 50 newly listed companies, forming a group of leaders in emerging industries, demonstrators of transformation and upgrading, and the reserve army of large enterprises and groups.In addition, our city has also clarified that it will implement key support for selected enterprises during the cultivation period, involving land security, financial support, talent recruitment, and financial support.

“Although the formulation of the ’Invisible Champion’ Gazelle Enterprise and the "specialized and new" enterprise are different, the orientation is the same.In the next step, our city will persevere in its cultivation work, hoping that more and more enterprises will lead the development through innovation and continuously enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.”The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau said that our city will guide the “invisible champions” who have won the honor and cultivate enterprises, actively demonstrate and drive more small and medium-sized enterprises to take the road of “specialized, special and new” development, and work together to promote Jiaxing's manufacturing industry towards high-quality development.