Get the land and start work!Nanhu District “Three Services" 2.0 runs out of new speed in Fengqiao Rongtai Electric Co., Ltd.

2021-01-11 15:13:12 来源: 读嘉新闻客户端 Viewd 1810


The extension of the approval service is “the first step”, and the “earliest hammer” to stabilize the start of the enterprise!

Today (January 11) in the morning, Zhejiang Rongtai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. New energy vehicle safety parts project obtained land at the same time, obtained the real estate registration certificate, construction land planning permit, construction project planning permit, and construction project construction permit, and truly realized “land acquisition and construction”, which also marks the official opening of the curtain for Nanhu District to comprehensively build “Three Services” Version 2.0.Shao Panfeng, deputy secretary of the District Committee and district chief, and Xu Mingliang, member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee and executive deputy district chief, attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

The tide is rushing in, when running and chasing dreams.In order to seize the precious development time window of the “14th Five-Year Plan” and firmly assume the first responsibility of the city's butterfly transformation and leapfrog development, Nanhu District will start with struggle in 2021, extend the approval service “the first step”, stabilize the start of the enterprise “the earliest hammer”, take the “three services” and digital reform as the traction, go all out to provide the best quality, most convenient and efficient services for project construction and enterprise development, and strive to create the best business environment.


The ”New Energy Vehicle safety Parts" project covers an area of 80 acres and has a total investment of 1.38 billion yuan. It is the first phase of Rongtai Electric's new energy vehicle safety parts project with a total investment of 5 billion yuan.“It's still unbelievable to get these heavy certificates at this moment.The land transfer contract was signed today and construction can start today. The 'Nanhu Speed’ is really surprising.“Cao Meisheng, chairman of Zhejiang Rongtai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., couldn't hide his excitement. "The landing of this project will provide a good guarantee for our company to break through the bottleneck of production capacity and grasp the existing market opportunities."”

In accordance with the requirements of “up to 80 days” (natural days, the same below) for the approval of general enterprise investment projects in Zhejiang Province, the project only needs to complete the pre-start approval of the new coding project within 50 days, while Nanhu District directly reduced the time to one day, “Get the land and start” and “start as soon as you get it”.Behind this is the continuous deepening of Nanhu District's “run at most once” and the acceleration of approval reform.

Starting from solving the problems of many project approval links, complicated procedures, and long time, Nanhu District has grasped the two keys of “system thinking” and “digital means”, boldly carried out institutional innovation, optimized and reengineered the approval process, and explored the implementation of a full-chain approval service model with “start-up” as the core.Through forward-looking services and full agency, it helps enterprises accurately prepare the preliminary requirements and promotes the rapid entry of projects into the approval process; relying on digital means, planning and construction-related matters are raised from the original "land acquisition and then handling" to "land acquisition and handling", and industrial projects can get permits to start on the day they obtain land.

At the groundbreaking ceremony, the “Good Life” government service caravan in Nanhu District drove directly to the project site, and the VIP approval service group guided the whole process of obtaining certificates.With the signing of the land transfer contract and the payment of land transfer fees and deed taxes, Shen Linqiao, the “red agent” in the government service caravan, began to get busy, relying on the online approval and supervision platform 3.0 for investment projects in Zhejiang Province to assist in on-site declarations. At the same time, the auditors of the district government service hall remotely conducted “instant approval” to realize the full chain of approval before the start of the project, allowing the enterprise to obtain the certificate smoothly.

“From the beginning of the joint project review, we have provided wholehearted services to the enterprise. We have prepared and planned in advance, and implemented full agency and tracking services for project approval. All the materials required for project approval are prepared or submitted by us to assist the project party, successfully allowing the project to start today when the land is acquired."Wang Guosong, secretary of the Party Committee of Fengqiao Town, said that Fengqiao will continue to pay attention to the construction and commissioning of the project in the future, so as to create a good business environment for enterprises in all directions.