Strong business skills*Casting Rongtai craftsmen, Fengqiao Town Rongtai Electrician stacking skills competition came to an end

2019-12-16 15:18:11 信息来源:凤桥镇 Viewd 1460

On the afternoon of December 13th, hosted by the Nanhu District Federation of Trade Unions, co-organized by the Fengqiao Town Federation of Trade Unions, and hosted by the Zhejiang Rongtai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Trade Union, the “Nanhu Workers have the Power ·Chasing Dreams and Running for Development” 100 labor skills Competition and the 2019 Rongtai Electrician Stacking Skills Competition were successfully held.Shao Jianping, the full-time vice chairman of the Fengqiao Town Federation of Trade Unions, delivered a speech, and Cao Meisheng, Chairman of Zhejiang Rongtai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., announced the start of the competition.

The participating teams in this skill competition are employees from the company's stacking workshop. The competition is conducted in a group format, with 3 people as a group. After layers of selection in the early stage, a total of 4 groups of teams (12 people) entered the final stage of the stacking skills competition. 

In order to ensure the fairness of the competition, the four groups participating in the competition are determined by drawing lots according to the same specifications and varieties.The game is divided into two types: speed and quality, each accounting for 50% of the score, starting at the same time and ending at the same time.After an intense competition, 1 group of the first prize, 1 group of the second prize, and 2 groups of the third prize were competed for.

The purpose of this competition is to further create a strong atmosphere that advocates learning, dedication to work, innovation and excellence, comprehensively enhance the comprehensive ability of Zhejiang Rongtai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. stacking operation, and create a capable and capable team of stacking operation staff.(Fan Yuting, Fengqiao Town Federation of Trade Unions)