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Company Profile

Specializing in research, development, manufacturing and sales of new high-temperature-resistant insulating mica composite materials, Zhejiang Rongtai Electric Material Co., Ltd. is one of the leaders in the global mica material market and has established multiple factories in Zhejiang, Hunan, etc.
Company Profile
  • The company strives to become a benchmark company in the green and intelligent manufacturing of new mica composite materials.

  • Rongtai Electric Material mainly offers hard mica materials, flexible materials, heating components, mica thermal management safety components and a variety of mica derivative products. The mica products manufactured by the company are widely used in fields of new energy vehicles, rail transit, aerospace, military and marine products, special electric wire and cable and intelligent home appliances. In addition, the company also offers one-stop, professional and systematic solutions to electric and thermal insulation. The company is committed to transforming itself into an advanced high-end manufacturing enterprise specializing in green and intelligent production. Utilizing a variety of advanced digital information management tools, it aims to achieve green manufacturing across the whole industrial chain and a traceability system for the full supply chain cycle, building itself into a benchmark enterprise in green and intelligent manufacturing of new mica composite materials.

    Always viewing technological innovation as the first and foremost driver for its development, the company has established a series of innovation platforms recognized as “provincial enterprise research institute” and “provincial high- and new technology research and development center”. Leveraging innovative approaches combining self-dependent innovation with partnered development, the company has been granted multiple intellectual property rights. The company has successfully passed a series of system certifications like the ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO14005 and IATF16949, with its products certified by the UL and FDA and meeting the RoHS and REACH environmental protection requirements in the E.U. market. With these efforts. After hard work, the company was rated as  National-level New, Specialized, Distinctive and Sophisticated "Small Giant" Enterprise and "Hidden Champion" Enterprise of Zhejiang Province.

    Amidst globalization and economic integration, division of labor and collaboration have become the source of power driving the progress of mankind. As China increasingly becomes the world’s manufacturing base, we sincerely look forward to achieving growth and sharing a harmonious life with you.

Company Culture

Company Culture

Our core values: diligent, cooperative, collaborative, honest

  • Diligent

    We never slack on pursuing the best possible results for our customers.

  • Cooperative

    We listen to our customers’ concerns, provide them with our insights and build a two-way relationship with high-quality experts.

  • Innovative

    With an innovative mindset, we have the guts to think differently, try new things, constantly optimize ourself and keep pace with the times.

  • Honest

    We adhere to honesty, integrity, sincerity and credibility.

Company History

  • 2003

    Zhejiang Rongtai Was Established

  • 2017

    Zhejiang Rongtai Moved to Phase I of Xinhuang Factory

  • 2018

    Hunan Rongtai Was Established

  • 2020

    Hunan Rongtai Phase II Factory Expansion

  • 2021

    Rongtai Electric Works Phase II Factory Expansion


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