[Hundred activities to celebrate the centennial] To improve morale, increase motivation, and open a new bureau, the first staff fun sports meeting of Zhejiang Rongtai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was successfully held!

2021-04-22 00:00:00 浙江荣泰电工器材有限公司 Viewd 3395

In order to unite the efforts of the staff and improve the physical fitness of the staff, on April 17th, Zhejiang Rongtai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. held the 2020 Rongtai Electrician Advanced Commendation Conference and the 2021 Rongtai Cup First Staff Fun Sports Meeting in Fengqiao Town Middle School.Cao Meisheng, chairman of Rongtai Electric, Zheng Min, general manager, and Yang Ming, secretary of the Party Branch, attended. The event was hosted by field nature Education.

In the majestic "Athletes' March", the athletes entered with vigorous steps. Zheng Min, general manager of Rongtai Electric, delivered an opening speech, and Cao Meisheng, chairman of Rongtai Electric, announced the opening of the “2020 Rongtai Electric Advanced Commendation Conference and the 2021 Rongtai Cup First Staff Fun Games”.At the commendation meeting, the company awarded certificates and prizes to 27 outstanding employees and 10 outstanding individuals.

On a sunny and festive spring day, the prelude to the games was kicked off by a song "Every day Goes Up". The games featured team gymnastics performances, 10*50 relay races, two-person three-legged, fun caterpillars, tug-of-war, 4*100-meter relay races and other events. Among them, the 4 teams in the team gymnastics competition were composed of 150 people from more than 20 functional departments of Rongtai Electric.The rich content and diverse forms of performances at this sports meeting made the staff and workers present full of praise, and warm applause rang out from time to time.

A total of one “Best Team Award”, “Spiritual Civilization Award”, “Moral Fashion Award” and “Fair Competition Award” were awarded at this Games. Among them, the “Best Team Award” is also the champion team of this Games. The company fully affirmed, praised and awarded gifts to all participating athletes for their hard work.

Rui Qi is auspicious and comfortable for all things, and a new bureau is opened with one heart and one mind.Zhejiang Rongtai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. actively responded to the activities of the Party Committee and government of Fengqiao Town on “One hundred activities to celebrate the centennial of Fengqiao Children's Heart to the Party”, and under the guidance of the Fengqiao Town Federation of Trade Unions, carried out this activity.Through fun sports games, enrich the cultural and sports activities of employees, promote the vigorous development of fitness sports for the whole people, demonstrate the vigorous style of the majority of employees of the enterprise, and demonstrate the vigorous work of the majority of employees of the enterprise. At the same time, it also enhances the unity, hard work, enterprising and collaborative spirit of cadres and employees, strengthens the cohesion of the team, and boosts morale for the growth of output value in 2021!

After talent optimization and management changes, Zhejiang Rongtai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., with the help of excellent corporate culture and the implementation of a diversified and internationalized development strategy, will definitely usher in a more brilliant tomorrow!(Field Nature Education, Rongtai Electrician's Union)