New Energy Vehicle

Our technology improves the performance, insulation, durability and sustainability of battery thermal runaway management. From cells and battery modules to packs and finished vehicles, we can customize professional solutions to ensure product performance while providing fast and comprehensive service.

Household Appliance

We collaborate with our customers to innovate and be a safety housekeeper for every consumer. At the same time, in today's ever-improving aesthetics and increasingly diverse needs, we customize exclusive solutions to fit the different shapes and functions of target appliances, providing consumers with better products.

Wire and Cable

Over the years, we have been developing new wire and cable fire protection products to provide customers with safer and more effective fireproof insulation protection solutions. In case of fire and other emergencies, our products are key members of fire protection systems in major industries and commercial buildings.

Rail Transportation

With the continuous development of high-speed railways and other rail transportation, the requirements for insulating safety parts are rising. With years of experience in the insulation industry and continuous technical innovation, we develop exclusive solutions for customers to enhance various safety indicators.

Industry Field

We are developing solutions and technologies for the new generation of industrial production, providing professional safety protection with higher strength for new infrastructures and ensuring safe, efficient and stable operation of production equipment.