Offering job opportunities to facilitate peasants’ exit from pig breeding

2021-09-27 16:10:10 浙江荣泰电工器材有限公司 Viewd 37

Leveraging our robust development and scale expansion, we offer a large number of job opportunities for society. Over the past 3 years, the company has recruited a total of 140 employees

by offering them job opportunities to facilitate peasants’ exit from pig breeding.

Jiaxing was once the largest live pig supply base. The “Xinsanqiao” area in Jiaxing (i.e., the Xinfeng Town and Fengqiao Town in Nanhu District, the Caoqiao District in Pinghu City and the Xitangqiao District in Haiyan County) was once the clustering place of live pig breeding. The recent years have seen the area being transformed into a “beautiful rural place”, attracting streams of tourists, which cannot be possibly achieved without undergoing the pain of exiting from live pig breeding.

View of Yonghong Village

The initiative of exiting from live pig breeding started in 2013. Under the guidance of the green development concept, Yonghong Village discarded the previous development model relying on live pig breeding. In 2014, we actively engaged ourselves in helping peasants to shift their means of livelihood. We recruited them into our enterprise, offered professional training adapted to their actual conditions and provided them with job positions.

Former pig farmers are working at the workshop