Job opportunities

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We provide a large number of employment opportunities for the society through our own steady development and expansion of scale. In the past 3 years, we have recruited 140 talents of various types.

Example: Providing suitable positions to support the pig ban.

Jiaxing was once the largest pig supply base in East China, and the "New Sanqiao" area in Jiaxing (i.e. Xinfeng Town and Fengqiao Town in Nanhu District, Caoqiao Street in Pinghu City, and Xitangqiao Street in Haiyan County) was once a pig farm. Over the years, the villages in this area have been transformed into "beautiful villages" expecting a great number of tourists, and these "beautiful villages" have seen a magnificent rebirth after experiencing the pain of pig ban.

Scenes in Yonghong Village

In 2014, we took the initiative to participate in helping farmers to switch to other industries, recruiting them into enterprises, providing professional training and find suitable jobs according to everyone’s reality.

Pig farmers now work in factories