Innovation Platforms Honors

Innovation Platforms

Always viewing technological innovation as the first and foremost driver for its development, Rongtai has established a series of innovation platforms recognized as “provincial enterprise research institute” and “provincial high- and new technology research and development center”.

By optimizing its products from performance, cost, raw materials and other aspects

The company is committed to providing customers with high-quality insulating products, systems and structural solutions.

  • R & D personnel

    About 50+

  • Research center area

    About 3000m2

  • Amount of R&D equipment like coordinate measuring machines and CNCs

    About 60+

  • Percentage of investment in R&D

    About 5%and growing on a yearly basis

To satisfy its development needs, the company has set up a variety of departments ranging from material research and development, 2D mold design, 3D mold design, process, automation and engraving.

With the concerted effort of its R&D Department, Rongtai has been granted more than 100 intellectual property rights, won dozens of scientific research awards and contributed to the drafting of multiple national and industrial standards. With advanced R&D, sophisticated process and technology, top quality and scientific management, Rongtai has earned recognition and trust from hundreds of industrial giants both in both Chinese and international markets. Rongtai has won the recognition and trust of hundreds of domestic and foreign industry giants, and has been rated as National-level New, Specialized, Distinctive and Sophisticated "Small Giant" Enterprise and "Hidden Champion" Enterprise of Zhejiang Province.