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Muscovite Mica Tube

Mica tube is formed by muscovite paper or phlogopite paper fixed with silicon resin, and processed by roll form. It has good dielectric capability and excellent mechanical strength, and often used as the insulating tube form material in all kinds of electric equipments, motors, furnaces, electric-arc furnaces, other metallurgy industry equipments.

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  • Types

  • According to mica paper, Mica Tube can be divided into:
    Muscovite mica tube;
    Phlogopite mica tube.

  • Availability

  • Length: 10mm, 20mm, 50mm, 100mm, 300mm, 500, ……1100mm;
    Diameter: 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 50mm, 100mm, 200mm, ……300mm;
    Tolerance standards: In general, we produce according to the standard of upper tolerance for inner diameter and lower tolerance for outer diameter. On request, we can control tolerances to within 0.2mm.

  • Properties

  • Excellent high temperature resistance and insulation properties;
    High mechanical strength;
    Stable chemical properties: Excellent resistance to acid, alkali and oil and good aging resistance;
    Excellent environmental protection performance: The product contains no asbestos, and has less smoke and odors, even smokeless and odorless when heating;
    Precise dimensions, beautiful shape, smooth inner and outer walls, good roundness and proportionality.

  • Performance Parameter

  • ItemUnitMuscovite mica tubePhlogopite mica tubeTest Procedure
    Mica Paper
    Mica Content%≈85≈85IEC 60371-2
    Bond Centent%≈15≈15IEC 60371-2
    Densityg/cm31.6-2.21.6-2.2IEC 60371-2
    Heat ResistanceContinuous Services500700
    Intermittent Services8001000
    Heat Loss at 500℃%﹤1﹤1IEC 60371-2
    Heat Loss at 700℃%﹤2﹤2IEC 60371-2
    Dielectric StrengthkV/mm﹥1.5﹥1.5IEC 60243-1
    Insulation Resistance at 23℃Ω·cm10161016IEC 60243-1
    Flame Resistance
    UL94 V-0UL94 V-0UL94