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Calcined Mica Tape

Calcined mica tape for fire-resistant cable is made of high quality calcined mica paper as the base material, with alkali-free glass fibre cloth as the reinforcing material on one side. The final product is obtained by bonding with silicone resin, followed by high temperature baking, drying and slitting. The mica tape is mainly used between the core and the sheath of fire-resistant cables to perform the function of fire-resistant insulation.

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  • Types

  • R-5461-CM series mica tapes mainly consist of R-5461-CM-GS calcined muscovite mica single-sided tapes;

    Note: Meaning of product code;
    R-5461: Rongtai product serial number;
    CM: Calcined mica;
    GS: Glass on single side.

  • Availability
  • Thickness: 0.10mm-0.14mm;
    Width: 4.5mm-1000mm;
    Length: 500m, 1000m, 2000m;
    Standard cores: 52mm, 54mm, 76mm, 120mm.
  • Properties

  • Excellent high temperature resistance and insulation properties: R-5461-CM calcined mica tape will not break down within 90 minutes at 850-900°C and 600-1000V;
    Stable chemical properties: Excellent resistance to acid and alkali, aging resistance;
    Excellent environmental performance: No toxic components, no toxic gas under high temperature;
    Excellent mechanical properties: Good tensile strength and good bending and flexibility, high tensile strength when wrapping wire and cable at high speed;
    Good appearance: Smooth and flat surface, dry and non-adhesive.

  • Packaging
  • Cardboard boxes, wooden boxes.
  • Storage
  • In dry environment at room temperature, the storage period is at least 1 year.
  • Applications
  • Oil platforms, multi-storey buildings, power stations, industrial plants, tunnels, computer centres, aerospace centres, telecommunication centres, ships, military installations, etc.
  • Performance Parameter

  • Item Unit TYPE  : R-5461-CM-GS
    Appearance       No alien material, No split, scar &hole, No broken folded 
    Length m500 , 1000, 2000
    Thickness mm0.10±0.0150.12±0.0150.14±0.015
    Weight of tape g/m2129±8161±10173±12
    Mica Contentg/m280±3110±5120±5
    Binder Contentg/m221±323±325±5
    Breakdown VoltagekV>1.2>1.6>1.8
    Tensile StrengthN/15mm>120>120>120
    Fire Grades℃ BS 6387 /  850℃-900℃, IEC 60331