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Mica Heating Elements

Glory Mica Co., Ltd produces mica heating elements. Based on strict quality management system, these products are made of high quality raw materials and are precisely inspected. 

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  • Types

  • According to shape and use, Mica Heating Elements can be divided into:
    Mica heating plate: The element is made of the finest nickel chrome wire and mica sheet. The mica carrier is twisted with the proper wire, sometimes is clamped by two mica parts. This product is mainly used for toaster, coffee cooker, radiation air heater, etc.
    Mica heating frame/core: Mica heating frame (Mica heating core) is made of mica assembly and high quality resistance wire. This product is mainly used for convection air heater, heat gun, hair dryer, etc.

  • Properties

  • Excellent insulating properties at high temperature: At 500-1000℃ operating ambient temperature, the voltage breakdown resistance is 15kV/mm;
    Excellent mechanical properties: Good flexural strength and hardness;
    Stable chemical properties: Excellent resistance to acid, alkali and oil and good aging resistance;
    Excellent environmental protection performance: The product contains no asbestos, and has less smoke and odors, even smokeless and odorless when heating;
    Excellent processability: The product can be processed into various shapes.

  • Technical Parameters

  • Insulation Material: Muscovite/phlogopite mica plate;
    Heating Wire: Cr20Ni80, 0Cr25Al5;
    Voltage Range: 100-230V;
    Power Rating: Depending upon application;
    Operating Temperature: Depending upon ratings, motor, construction of heater, etc;
    Dimension: Customers'requirement;
    Thermal protection: Customers'requirement.