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Mica Insulator

Mica insulator is an entirely mineral material that basically consists of mica and glass-a binding agent that can be vitrified by fusion. These elements are mixed and combined in powder form, and then heated under pressure: the particles of glass when they melt, cover the flakes of mica to form a compact and hard mass.

Glass-mica compounds hold a privileged position among the wide variety of insulators offered to the electrical industry. They are positioned by their temperature of use between plastics and ceramics but they possess the ability to be moulded and to be machined like the former but with the hardness and indestructible qualities of the latter. Mica insulator adds a series of physical and chemical properties to these practical advantages which makes it an entirely exceptional insulator.

Mica insulators can be used for high speed train break resistor, as ideal insulation materials. We  provide various types of insulator, R-M52 and R-M259 are two of them. The specification and characteristics are displayed as following tables.

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  • Specification

  • CodeTypeDiameter of
    Tapped Hole
    M (mm)
    Depth of
    Tapped Hole
    p (mm)
    Length of
    Threaded Rod
    l (mm)
    PitchWeight (kg)
    R-MV52A2 tapped holes1012
    B2 tapped holes1012
    C1 tapped hole1012
    1 threaded rod10
    D1 tapped hole1012
    1 threaded rod12
    R-MV 259A2 tapped holes88
    B2 tapped holes108
    D1 threaded rod8
    1 threaded rod8
    E1 tapped hole88
    1 threaded rod8
    F2 threaded rods8
    G2 threaded rods8
  • Properties

  • Compared with other traditional insulators, the outstanding advantages of mica insulators are:
    More excellent high temperature resistance and insulation properties;
    Stable chemical properties, acid and alkali resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, aging resistance, and excellent weather resistance;
    Good mechanical properties, good toughness and fatigue resistance;
    Excellent processing properties.

  • Performance Parameter

  • Type ItemUnitR-MV 259R-MV 52
    MechanicalCharacteristicsTensile StrengthN≧800≧1900
    Flexural Strength(≥M8)N≧160≧400
    Compressive StrengthN≧3500≧4000
    Electrical CharacteristicsArc-over Voltage(Dry surface)kV≧18≧26
    Breakdown VoltagekV≧20≧30
    Insulation Resistance(1kV)≧106≧106