Volvo 2021 Best Supplier Award-Zhejiang Rongtai

2022-03-14 13:55:58 浙江荣泰电工器材股份有限公司 Viewd 4244

On February 25, 2022, Zhejiang Rongtai Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. was honored to receive the 2021 “Best Supplier” Award from Volvo Cars. This award not only recognizes Rongtai's achievements in VOLVO in 2021, but also recognizes Rongtai's outstanding performance in the field of new energy vehicle insulation materials.

Mr. Zheng Min, General Manager of the company, as a special guest of the supplier, attended the 2022 Volvo Cars Asia Pacific Core Supplier Forum held in Sanya and accepted the award.

With the theme of “Working together on the same path and walking with Volvo”, the conference jointly discussed the way to win-win cooperation in the future, and Volvo recognized the core outstanding suppliers of this year.Volvo selected the winner of this heavyweight award based on comprehensive considerations of quality, sustainability, delivery and cost competitiveness.With its excellent performance in the continuous supply process for Volvo, Zhejiang Rongtai won this award for the first time.

As a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of new high-temperature insulating mica composite materials, Zhejiang Rongtai Electric's main products include mica hard materials, soft materials, heating components, thermal management mica safety components and various mica derivative products.The mica products made by Rongtai are widely used in new energy vehicles, rail transit, aerospace and military ships, special wires and cables, smart household appliances and other related industrial fields, and provide customers with professional one-stop system solutions such as electrical insulation and thermal insulation.

Rongtai is committed to building an advanced demonstration enterprise of green production and intelligent high-end manufacturing. It uses various advanced digital information management tools to realize the green manufacturing of the entire industrial chain and the systematic traceability of the whole life cycle of the supply chain, and has become a benchmark enterprise for green intelligent manufacturing in the mica composite new material industry.