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Epoxy Glass Laminate

Epoxy Glass Laminate is a laminated product made from chemically treated alkali-free glass fibre fabric for electronics, hot pressed with epoxy resin as a binder. The series of epoxy glass laminated products include laminated sheets, laminated rods and laminated tubes. These products are used as insulation parts for machinery, electrical appliances and electronics.

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  • Availability of Epoxy Glass Laminated Plate

  • Type: 3240, G10, G11, FR-4, FR-5;
    Color: Yellow, green;
    Thickness: 0.5-120mm;
    Size: 1020×1220mm、1220×2040mm、1220×2440mm、1220×3300mm (Special sizes are available by mutual agreement).

  • Properties

  • Excellent mechanical properties;
    Excellent insulation properties;
    Stable chemical properties: Good heat, moisture and weather resistance.