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Synthetic Mica Paper

Mica Paper is a continuous roll made of muscovite mica, phlogopite mica, synthetic mica or calcined muscovite mica, by pulp making, paper copying, slitting and rewinding processes.

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  • Types

  • CodeNameMica TypeApplicationFeature
    505Commutator Mica PaperMuscovite, bondCommutatorSmall mica flakes with traces of bond
    506Muscovite Mica PaperMuscovite MicaMica Sheet, Mica Tube,
    Mica Heater, Mica Laminate & Mica Washer
    High mechanical strength and
    insulation performance
    P506Phlogopite Mica PaperPhlogopite MicaMica Tape, Mica Roll,
    Mica Sheet, Mica Tube,
    Mica Heating Element,
    Mica Laminate & Mica Washer
    Heat resistance up to 750-850℃
    S506Synthetic Mica PaperSynthetic MicaFire-resistant Mica TapeHeat resistance up to 1000℃
    507Less Resin Mica Tape PaperMuscovite MicaLess Resin Mica TapeGood permeability
    502-1Calcined Muscovite Mica PaperCalcined Muscovite MicaFire-resistant Mica Tape,
    Resin-rich Mica Tape
    Mica flakes of uniform size and better overall
    performancethan natural muscovite paper
  • Properties

  • Excellent high temperature resistance;
    Excellent insulation properties;
    Stable chemical properties;
    Excellent mechanical properties;
    Excellent permeability and air permeability.

  • Applications

  • Mica Paper can be used as a base material reinforced with glass fibre cloth, film and other reinforcing materials through silicone resin bonding, and then made into mica insulating materials like mica rolls by high temperature baking and drying.

  • Performance Parameter

  • ItemUnitS506
    Mass per Unit Areag/m2105120160
    Tolerance of Mean%(≦)±3±3±3
    Average Thicknessμm6578100
    Penetration Times(≦)101420
    Dielectric StrengthkV/mm161616
    Tensile Strength N/cm(≧)33.54.5
    Heat Loss%
    Conductivity of Water Extractus/cm(≦)666
    Heat Resistance℃(≧)1000